Sumac: The Deal 2xLP


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Custom letter pressed LP o-card and jacket, art by Faith Coloccia, design by A. Turner.

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Track listing:
1. Spectral Gold
2. Thorn in the Lion's Paw
3. Hollow King
4. Blight's End Angel
5. The Deal
6. Radiance of Being

On this recording, Aaron Turner, Nick Yacyshyn, Brian Cook
with Faith Coloccia

"The Deal capitalizes on an energy of unease, building from moments of fractured disquiet into a tumult of guitar tones and the disjointed rhythmic patterns... ...The music here employs both hardcore and post-metal with careful, but unhinged abandon. The outstanding "Hollow King", for instance, is a 12-minute rendering of Turner’s former ornate proclivities turned into something unpredictable and ruptured... ... Sumac takes its strengths from a powerful fragmentation."

"...Sumac explodes out of the noise-filled blackness, dropping an absolutely crushing five and half minutes of sonic elephants marching towards their graveyard. Which is pretty much the whole idea behind this project: to create a sense of crumbling concrete wall- sized heaviness injected with moments of wandering blindness through haze and into another world.

...Overall, this album is an absolute stunner, chalk full of massive moments and daring peeks behind the curtain of noise that these musicians can create together. All in all, this is the first album of the new year that left me floored with it's content and delivery. A definite, must not miss out on release..."

- Cvlt Nation