Nordra: S/T Vinyl LP


SIGE Records 2017 / SIGE 053. Edition of 300 copies.
Housed in a custom letter-pressed LP jacket, designed by Monika Khot and SIGE Records. LP pressed on blood red vinyl with matching labels. 45 RPM.

Debut full length from Nordra aka Monika Khot (also a member of Zen Mother, etc).

Track listing:

Apologize To Me, Humanity
Regret 1
New Cycles
This is Dissent

"Some tracks plowed relentlessly with complex martial rhythms buttressed by engrossingly desolate guitar and trumpet drones. Others wafted like anomic threnodies for this damaged, damned age. This music is the future of pop, right fucking now; you just don't realize it yet.”
-The Stranger

Pinprick guitar lines, swaths of ethereal brass, sub-bass thuds, the clatter of distorted percussion, fever dream lullaby melodies—it can be difficult to discern what sounds we’re hearing over the course of Nordra’s eponymous debut given the strange and unorthodox context of their combination. And while many tech savvy artists have managed to build strange symphonies and texturally curious electronic exercises within the lonely confines of user-friendly software, those in-the-box tactics don’t line up with the mission statement of Monika Khot, the mastermind behind Nordra. “The record has a lot to do with the loss of information from analog to digital conversion, which is then in turn paired with static and dynamic thought discrepancies,” Khot says. “I tried to make as many smoothed-over arcs of sound as I could all alongside very sequenced, quantized beats—making a path from point to point sonically.”

Khot and her Zen Mother musical compatriot Adam Wolcott Smith recorded Nordra in a house in Seattle in May of 2016. Several months later, Khot spent several weeks on the road performing the album in its entirety while on a summer tour with SUMAC and Jaye Jayle. SIGE Records is proud to release the album to the world on vinyl in 2017.