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Old Man Gloom: The Ape Of God Vinyl LP (SIGE 034)


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Custom letterpress jackets, and oversize LP insert and poster with art and design by A. Turner

Track listing:
1. Burden
2. Predators
3. A Hideous Nightmare Lies Upon the World
4. Arrows to Our Hearts

On this recording: Nate Newton, Aaron Turner, Caleb Scofield, Santos Montaño
with Scott Vermeire, Luka Scarola

Track embed:

"Your search - Old Man Gloom New York Times - did not match any documents”
- Google

“Slower and filled with longer more boring songs than the other The Ape of God album”
- Old Man Gloom

”This sounds like shit”
- Facebook

“Old Man Gloom”
- Stereogum

“The annual torching of 50-foot-tall Old Man Gloom, a puppet stuffed with thousands of scraps of paper bearing the citizenry’s sad thoughts, is a highlight of Fiesta time”